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Frozen Savouries

The Corporate Caterer makes FULLY halaal savouries that are packaged and frozen, locking in all the unique flavours and freshness.

Our frozen savouries are sold in bulk, and can be purchased for large families, weddings and corporate events.

Please have a look at our menu below, or simply contact us if you have any queries.


  • Chicken Spinach Pie Large R75
  • Chicken Mushroom Pie Large R75
  • Chicken Mushroom Quiche Large R70
  • Tuna Quiche large R70
  • Chicken Feta pizza large R75
  • Chicken Mushroom pizza large R75
  • Sausage Rolls (24s) R95
  • Mini chicken pizzas (50s) R315
  • Mini chicken pizzas (24s) R150
  • Tuna Quiche (24s) R150
  • Tuna Quiche (50s) R315
  • Steak pies (24s) R150
  • Steak pies (50s) R315
  • Chicken pies (24s) R150
  • Chicken pies (50s) R315
  • Mini chicken subs (24s) R150
  • Mini chicken subs (50s) R315
  • Nutty Coriander Dip R55

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If you’re interested in our frozen goods, simply complete the form and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.