Party Platters & Finger Foods

Our platters are filled with your selection of finger foods or canapes, and can act as a light lunch serving between 7 – 9 people.

We use only the freshest Halaal ingredients so you can also be assured that you are getting the best value for your money in terms of price, quality and professional service.

If you would like us to prepare an item that is not listed on the menu, please ask us, and we will do our best to accommodate you.


  • Mini Platter (Serves 6) R360

    X6 samoosas
    X6 pies
    X6 pizzas
    X6 quiche OR x6 sausage roll (choose 1 option)
    +dip and garnish

  • Savoury Platter (Serves 12) R650

    X12 samoosas
    X12 pizzas
    X12 pies
    X12 quiche OR sausage roll
    +dip and garnish

  • Party Platter (Servces 10) R620

    X10 mini subs
    X10 quiche
    X10 pizzas
    X10 sausage rolls
    +dip and garnish

  • Chicken Platter (Serves 15) R665

    X30 piece chicken mixed (wings, thighs and drumsticks)
    Choose 1 salad : potato salad or coleslaw

  • Chicken Strip Platter (Serves 10) R620

    10x crumbed strips
    10x pies
    10x Pizza
    10x quiche
    +dip and garnish

  • Korean Platter (Serves 12) R640

    X24 chicken strips in sticky Korean sauce and sesame seeds
    X24 wings in sauce and sesame seeds
    +garnish and dip

  • Drumstick & Savoury Platter (Serves 10) R630

    X10 drumstick
    X10 pizza
    X10 quiche
    X10 sausage roll OR spring roll

  • Breakfast Platter (Serves 10) R595

    Muffins and scones with jam and cheese

  • Fruit Platter (Serves 10) R650

    Mixed fruits of season and Greek yogurt dip

  • Kids Party Platter (Serves 15) R640

    X15 chicken strips
    X15 mini pizzas
    X15 sausage rolls
    X15 nuggets

  • Sandwich Platter (Serves 12) R595

    X8 tuna mayo
    X8 chicken mayo
    X8 egg mayo
    X8 macon and mayo

  • Vegetarian Platter (Serves 12) R595

    X10 potato balls
    X10 patha parcels
    X10 feta mushroom quiche or spinach feta quiche
    X20 cheese wheels

  • Wrap Platter (Serves 12) R645

    X12 crumbed chicken
    X12 spiced beef
    X12 smoked snoek
    +dip and garnish

  • Asian Salad Platter (Serves 10) R580

    Greens tossed with peppers, avocado, pineapple,feta and topped with crispy noodles, drizzled in signature TCC salad dressing

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